1.166 FAQ-828 How do I export graph or layout as AI?

Last Update: 12/13/2022

Origin 2022b and later

If you intend to export graphs or layout pages for further editing in Adobe Illustrator, we strongly recommend that you export your graph or layout as a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file (For graphs, choose File: Export Graph or File: Export Graphs (Advanced); for layout windows, File: Export Layout as Image or File: Export Layout (Advanced)).

Origin's SVG default is to treat text objects as a block as opposed to treating individual characters in the object as separate elements. This is generally preferred by users who edit their SVG export in Adobe Illustrator. However, you can modify this behavior by doing the following:

  1. Before export, open the Script Window (Window: Script Window), enter the following, then press Enter:
    SVGTC = 0
  2. Export your graph or layout as SVG, as described above.

For information on the system variable @SVGTC, see this page.

Copy Page vs. Export to SVG

Sometimes user would right click on a graph and choose Copy page, and then paste it into Adobe Illustrator for further editing (It does not support OLE). It is an easy way if you want to edit sub-elements like axis title inside AI. It is because Copy Page internally creates an EMF format file (in clipboard) and then paste it into AI. On the contrast, if you Copy Graph as Image, the whole graph is a single element.

However, AI draws EMF in a different way from Origin and thus Copy Page way has many limits. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you export graph as SVG format instead for editing purpose.

Origin 2022 and earlier

From Origin 2017, the AI Image type is hidden from the Export Graph dialog. If you want to edit graphs in Adobe Illustrator, please export graph as EMF type instead.

If you still want to export graph as AI, run


in the Command Window. Then open File: Export Graph dialog. You can see AI in the Image Type drop-down list. Refer to system variable list for details of @HAI.

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