1.87 FAQ-218 Can I paste an external image into a graph page?

Last Update: 1/7/2019

Yes, Edit: Paste will paste an image that you've copied. It is pasted as an EMF or as a DIB (Device Independent Bitmap), depending upon the value of the following property:


Open the Script Window (Window: Script Window) and set this for the current session:

system.display.pastemeta=1; // paste as an EMF
system.display.pastemeta=0; // paste as a bitmap

For information on the LabTalk system.display object, see system.display.

Note: You can also insert an image into the active graph window with the Insert: Image From Files menu command. The menu command is not affected by the value of system.display.pastemeta.

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Minimum Origin Version Required: 8.5SR0