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OriginLab Training Services

OriginLab offers recurrent Origin seminars where OriginLab technical staff demonstrate key graphing and analysis features, including Curve Fitting, Peak Analysis, Auto-Recalculation, Themes and Templates for Graphing and Analysis, Custom Reports, Batch Plotting, and Batch Analysis. These seminars are a great opportunity to learn how you can use Origin more effectively. We also provide plenty of time for discussion, and encourage attendees to bring your specific data and questions!

Our training programs range from basic training to get you up and running with our products, to advanced training that teaches you how to customize our products to meet your special needs. All training courses are hands-on, providing attendees with the information and expertise to make optimum use of our products.

“I took the Origin Training course in Boston in June and found it to be very helpful. Having no prior experience with the program, the course provided a well-organized, clear, hands-on training of the program and its capabilities....”    

    Kate Harrison
    Senior Project Scientist, Giner Inc.
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Please review the list of training courses offered, and give us a call to discuss your custom needs and to set up your training.

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Custom Online Session

4 Hrs Minimum

$200 per Hr

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Basic Training

One day

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Intermediate Training

One day

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Programming Training

One or Two Days

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  • 1Discounted pricing is available for Government and Maintenance customers.
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