1.19 FAQ-1076 What happened to 5 rows of color variations in Color Chooser?

Last Update: 11/4/2020

If you failed to see 5 rows of color variations in More colors section of color chooser, it is because the total number of colors in the list is more than 16. This is a limitation in Origin.

E.g. there are only 13 colors in our built-in System Color List so it shows 5 rows of color variations.

5 rows color.jpg

If you load it in Custom section and add more colors to it so the total number of colors is more than 16,\. Origin auto saves it so the next time you open color chooser there will be more than 16 colors in System Color List. Therefore the 5 rows of color variations disappear.

System color list morethan 16.jpg

How to solve it

  1. Click down arrow button in Custom section and choose Save as... to give it a new name. We don't want to mess up with built-in color list.
  2. Choose Help: Open Folder: User Files Folder menu. Go to \Themes\Graph\ subfolder and delete the autosaved System Color List.oth file.

Keywords:more colors, color variations, system color list

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2017