1.146 FAQ-764 How to create a loosely separated 3D wire frame if your data points are dense?

Last Update: 8/27/2015

When you create a 3D Wire Surface or 3D Wire Frame out of a large XYZ dataset (Speed Mode turned off), the plot will be condensed into bulk instead of well-separated grids since the data points are too dense.
To keep the genuineness of your dataset while effectively reduce the number of data points for display, you can firstly plot your XYZ data as a contour plot. Then right click on the contour plot and select Generate Grid to open dialog. In appeared Generate Grid: xyzgrid dialog, you can specify number of grid points along X and Y directions to make the reduction. You can even reduce the large XYZ dataset in a specified XY sub-region by setting the Grid Range.

For more details, please refer to this page.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2016 SR0

Keywords:Wire Frame, interpolate XYZ, Reduce XYZ