1.284 FAQ-1157 Why do my tick labels become much smaller when exporting to image or video?

Last Update: 10/26/2022

If tick labels in your exported raster image (e.g. PNG) or video (e.g. AVI) appear quite small, check to see if your graph window is in Window View.

If your graph is a Browser Graph note that it is created in Window View, by default.

FAQ 1157 export small tick label.png

There are a couple of solutions:

  • First, you can switch to Page View before exporting:
    1. Click just below the window title bar and when the Mini Toolbar appears, verify that there is NOT a red check mark beside the Window View button.
    2. If there is a red check mark, clear it.
      UG MT turn off window view.png
  • If you are exporting to an image file, try switching to a vector format (e.g. SVG, EMF).

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