1.233 FAQ-1005 Why the exported graph size is much smaller than the page size set in Origin?

Last Update: 5/10/2019

When you export a graph as a vector format such as emf, pdf, eps, or wmf, you may find the exported image size becomes unexpected smaller.

Solution 1

Expand Export Setting: Advanced branch and select Keep Size in the Export Graph dialog.

Solution 2

In a small probability event the above solution doesn’t work.

The problem is probably caused by

The graph is resaved from an embedded graph in a third-party software such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. That is, the graph was at some time copied from Origin to Word/PPT, then re-launched from Word/PPT and re-saved in a new session of Origin.

To reset the page size,

Open Windows: Script Window and run the following LabTalk script with the "problematic" graph active:

doc -e p { page.info.system.export.auto=1;}

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