1.46 FAQ-163 How do I share my custom graph settings with my colleague?

Last Update: 3/17/2021

You can share either your graph templates (*.OTP file) or your themes (*.OTH file) with your colleague.

To save your graph settings as a template, go to File: Save Template As...MyGraphTemplate.OTP. This can be saved to your User Files Folder, and then sent to your colleague. By default, a preview image of the window is automatically generated and saved with the template file. If you opted to save another image as preview with template, you may want to send that file as well (it will have the same file name as the template and will have a file type of EMF or BMP). Your colleague will then:

  1. Place your file(s) into his or her User Files Folder.
  2. Click Plot: Template Library or click the Template Library button Button Template Library.png on the 2D Graphs toolbar (workbook or matrix must be active).
  3. Click the Add Template button on the Template Library toolbar, browse to the template file and add the template.

To save your graph settings as a theme, right-click on your graph and choose Save Format as Theme... . Give it a name i.e., MyGraphTheme. This will be saved in the Themes subfolder of your User Files Folder as MyGraphTheme.OTH, and can be sent to your colleague. Your colleague can then drag-and-drop this file onto Origin. It will then be available to them from the Theme Organizer (Preferences: Theme Organizer).

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