1.69 FAQ-194 How do I create a double Y axis graph?

Last Update: 12/7/2022

Plot Double Y from Worksheet

  1. From the worksheet, select the Y columns you want to plot. Please make sure all X columns has been set to X if they exists.
  2. Choose Plot: Multi-Panel/Axis: Double-Y.
  3. If you want to change plot type. With each layer active, click line, scatter, line+symbol or column button to change the plot type in the layer.

Note: Double Y plot with one column and one line, or Double Y with two column bars can be plotted directly from Plot menu.

DoubleY from sheet.png

The single-layer, double-Y plot mechanism introduced in Origin 2023, makes it easy to convert a single vertical axis plot to a double-Y plot, using the Object Manager:

  1. Click on plot icon in Object Manager.
  2. On the Mini Toolbar that appears, click Plot on Right Y. This adds a right-Y scale to the graph and plots the highlighted data against that scale.
    OM plot on right Y.png
Alternately, you can (a) right-click on the plot icon and choose Plot on Right Y from the shortcut menu; or (b) open Plot Details, highlight the desired plot in the left panel, then on the Display tab to the right, set the Right Y Axis radio button.

How to Add New Data to Right Y Axis in Existing Graph

  1. Firstly, we need add the new data into current graph layer. There are three methods:
    • Go to the worksheet window, select the second dataset, return to the graph window, and choose Insert: Plot to Layer: Plot Type.
    • Alternatively, data can be selected and dragged from the worksheet and dropped to the graph layer.
    • Alternatively, you can double-click on either the layer 1 icon in the upper-left hand corner of the graph. The Layer Contents dialog will allow you to add or remove data into this layer.
  2. Double-click on the plot you just added to open the Plot Details dialog. With this newly-added plot selected in left panel, go to Display tab, set Plot Data on to Right Y Axis, click OK button to close the dialog. You will see the right Y axis shows and rescales to adapt to the data range of second plot.
    Drag to doubleY.png
  3. You can use the mini toolbar to further customzie the style of the plots.

The instructions above are all about double-Y graph in same layer. You can also plot 2 Ys Y-Y graph which contains two layers, directly from the Plot Menu.

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