1.85 FAQ-215 How can I reset scale to show all plots after data update?

Last Update: 1/25/2018

Suppose you have created a graph based on a group of datasets and now you want to update these datasets or bring new data in. Usually when you have changed the dataset in the workbook, the graph would be updated instantly according to the change. But there are situations that the graph doesn't rescale to show on all new plots. In such cases, click Rescale button Button Rescale.png (or Ctrl + R) on the Graph toolbar to rescale the plot.


  1. This only rescales plot in active layer. For multi-layer graph, you need to activate each layer and rescale.
  2. You can also double click any axis to open Axis dialog. Select each axis direction and on Scale tab, set Rescale Mode as Auto. From now on, if you bring new data in, rescale will happen automatically.
  3. You can also set Rescale Mode as Fixed so graph will never rescale when data changes or new data is added.

Keywords:rescale, data update, fixed