1.171 FAQ-836 How do I export graphs to windows sub-folders with the same folder structure as in Origin's Project Explorer?

Last Update: 9/19/2016

Suppose you have two folders in the project, folderA and folderB. And in both folders you have a graph, graphA and graphB respectively. Sometimes you may want to export both graphs according to the project folder structure, so to obtain something like:

--<project folder>/graphs/folderA/graphA.jpg
--<project folder>/graphs/folderB/graphB.jpg

From Origin 2017, a new keyword <PE Path> is introduced providing a perfect solution for this case. <PE Path> means exporting graphs to windows sub-folders according to the folder structure in Origin's Project Explorer. Take the above case for example. To export graphs into sub-folders as expected,

  1. With a graph window active, select File: Export Graphs... from main menu to open the expGraph dialog.
  2. Select option <Project Folder><PE Path> from Path drop-down list.
  3. Specify other settings as desired. Click OK to export.

Keywords:Export Graphs, folder structure, export path