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We are dedicated to supporting the academic community. Explore our flexible and cost-effective licensing options.


For undergraduate and graduate students
(Post-docs or other academic staff not eligible)

Licensing Option*:
Node-locked (fixed-seat, computer-specific)
*Must be on a student-owned computer, not a University-owned computer

Student Version


  • License Term : 1-year
  • Window Limit* : 30
  • Eligible for latest version within license term
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Learning Edition


  • License Term : 6-month
  • Window Limit* : 12
  • Eligible for latest version within license term
  • Valid University email required during registration
Request Learning Edition

* Window Limit means the number of accessible windows in an Origin project, including all kinds of windows - WorkBook, Matrix, Graph, Notes, Layout, etc., is limited to n in total. Windows beyond the first n will not be accessible, but will be saved with the project.

The information provided is for US and Canada only. For other countries, please contact your local distributor.

Origin and OriginPro system requirements

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