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"Origin has been used intensively at INSEP for almost 20 years. It is an all-in-one software that provides everything needed for handling tasks such as signal processing, data manipulation, stats, graphing and reports. Amongst the various improvements and new features in Origin 2020, I was particularly thrilled by pop-up mini-toolbars, allowing super easy and super fast graph customizing and polishing."

Antoine Couturier PhD


" Origin is a superb graphing suite as it is both easy to use and is capable of creating presentation and manuscript quality figures. The interface is in many ways intuitive and makes customizing figures a cinch. Origin has been my go-to graphing software and I recommend it as a must-have to new graduate students."

Bryan S. Beckingham


"OriginPro is a remarkable collection of versatile tools. I have found that if I can imagine how I want to present data, I can find a way to execute it...There is a wide array of gadgets and apps to simplify some operations. I particularly appreciate the “Send Graphs to Word” app. Data can be imported directly from the web. I have not used the Python or MATLAB programming options but they are available."

Dr. Ernest Lippert


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OriginPro reviews sourced by G2
OriginPro reviews sourced by G2
OriginPro reviews sourced by G2

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