1.245 FAQ-1033 The end of my line is round. How can I make it to be square?

Last Update: 12/23/2019

Most of the lines in Origin, such as 2D and 3D curves, axes and ticks, line objects (including arrows), end in round shape by default.

Make line end square.png

If you want to make the line cap square, choose proper system variable.

System Variables Take effect to Values
LCP 2D line plots Make line end square lcp.png
LC3P 3D line plots Make line end square lc3p.png
LCA axis line and ticks in 2D Cartesian coordinate Make line end square lca.png
LCAL axis line and ticks in any 2D coordinate system

@LCAL = -2:

square cap for Cartesian coordinate, round cap for other coordinates, such as ternary, radar, polar, etc.

@LCAL = -1:

follows the control of @LCA
LCG line cap of arrow, line, and polyline objects Make line end square lcg.png
LCT line of frame around text and legend Make line end square lct.png
LCR line of rectangle objects

@LCR = 0: round cap
@LCR = 1: square cap
@LCR = 2: flat cap
@LCR = -1: follow @LCG

To set the system variable,

  1. Select Preferences: System Variables. In the dialog that opens, enter the proper system variable name(without "@") in Variable column, and enter the desired value in Value colulmn.
  2. Refresh the graph to see the change.

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