1.261 FAQ-1062 How to make statistical bar start from bottom axis?

Last Update: 3/14/2021

When you plot a statistical bar plot, such as Bar Chart which is a variant of Box Chart but has set Box Type to Bar, you might want to make the bar start from the bottom axis instead of Y=0.

StatsBar from bottom 01.png

To make the bar start from the bottom axis:

  1. Open the Command Window or Script Window, run @CBB=0;.
  2. Click Refresh button Button Refresh.png to see the change.
    StatsBar from bottom 02.png

Please note, @CBB is a system variable, which controls the starting of the bars/columns, will also effect the normal column/bar chart.

To learn more about the system variable in Origin, please refer to the page "Customizing Origin using System Variables".

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