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Why should I choose OriginLab?

At OriginLab we realize that you have multiple companies and products to choose from for your Data Analysis and Graphing needs. Here are a list of reasons why we think OriginLab is the better choice:

1. Support and Services beyond the norm

At OriginLab, we strongly believe in providing the best possible support and services to our customers.
We have been publishing and supporting Origin for the past 25 plus years. Our Technical Support team has over 10 members who are extremely versatile with the use of our products. Our support team have on the average 5+ years of experience helping scientists and engineers with our products. When you pick up the phone and speak to technical support, you can rest assured that your call will be answered by someone who is very knowledgeable with the product, and is eager to help you.

With two support centers, one in Eastern US and one in Southern China, we provide 16 hrs of support each business day, including phone, online chat, and e-mail support. E-mails are answered promptly with a typical turn around time of less than 1.5 business days.

2. A well established product

Origin and OriginPro are used by over 500,000 scientists and engineers around the world. The product has been in existence for 25+ years, and is published in three languages: English, German and Japanese. Year after year, our customer satisfaction survey shows that over 85% of existing customers are very happy to recommend Origin to a colleague. We take pride in the fact that Origin is very well received in the scientific and engineering community, and we strive to maintain this high level of customer satisfaction. View our testimonials page.

Our R&D team of over 15 members consist of scientists and engineers themselves from a wide variety of disciplines. Each year we publish a new version of our product, and the features and improvements we introduce are primarily based on feedback from our customers. View our version comparison page.

3. A well established, and growing company

OriginLab has been serving the scientific and engineering community for over 25 years, and is still growing! Our mission is to provide data analysis and graphing software that is flexible and easy-to-use, but at the same time has a range and depth of features that scientists and engineers expect and rely upon for their needs.

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