1.120 FAQ-681 How to import a image graph into Origin?

Last Update: 4/10/2020

You can view matrix objects as thumbnail images or -- using a slider control -- as a series of images directly in the matrix. For more information see Image Thumbnails and Slider.

Import Image into Origin for Graphing and Analysis

To import a gray scale, 8-bit color or higher resolution color image into the active matrix, select Data: Import from File: Image to Matrix. (Alternatively, drag the desired file from Windows Explorer and drop it into the matrix.) When you first import the image, Origin displays a device independent bitmap (DIB) of the image in the matrix.

User can use Image menu to analyze image.

If you are only interested in a region of the image, you can select a region of the DIB using the Rectangle Tool in "region of interest mode" Button Retangle Tool 1.png on the Tools toolbar. The "region of interest mode" is controlled from the Tools:Region of Interest Tools menu command. And then right click and choose Crop Image or Create New to get the region of image.

To plot the image into a graph window, select Plot: 2D: Image Plot. The default X and Y axis range is determined by the coordinate range of the matrix, which is the same as the image's X and Y pixel range.

To get profile from image, select Plot: Profile: Image Profile. Origin supports profile of X, Y direction and arbituary line.

If you want to view the image data instead of the image, select View:Data Mode. Select View:Image View, the matrix will display the image again.

Import Image to Matrix.gif

Import Image as Logo or Annotation in Graph Window

Sometimes you may want to add a company logo or some picture to annotate the graph.

To do so, right click in graph window and choose Import Images from Files... context menu to make an image show in graph window.

The image and data modes have speed keys. They are Control + Shift + I and Control + Shift + D, respectively.

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