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Create plots with significant differences for pairwise comparison

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This app can be used to create various plot with significant differences.  Use can choose what post-hoc method to be used for getting the statistics of means comparison.

Download the file "Paired Comparison Plot.opx", and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.


  • Click the app icon to open the dialog
  • Select  input for Data and Group columns. Please note that the you can select one group column for One-way ANOVA, or two group columns for Two-way ANOVA.
  • You can choose to indicate the significant difference on top with letters, asterisk bracket, or p values.


  • To view the sample graphs, right click on the app icon and choose Open Samples Folder from the context menu
  • Significant Mark option
    • Letters on Top
    • Asterisk with Bracket
    • P-value with Bracket
  • Plot Type option
    • Bar
    • Data Points
    • Box Chart
    • Scatter with Error Bar
  • Means Comparison option
    • Tukey
    • Bonferroni
    • Dunn-Sidak
    • Fisher's LSD
    • Scheffé
    • Holm-Bonferroni
    • Holm-Sidak 


3.6 Fix no label issue for Asterisk with Bracket method in 3.5. Update build-in Sample OPJ
3.5 Options of Error bar to be SD or SE and fix speed problem
3.4 Fix bug of numeric separator issue in GOS
3.3 Fix bug of letters on top option introduced in version 3.1
3.1 Fix problem of large group number and axis label
3.0 Support Raw/Unstack data for one way anova
2.1: Improve Letters on Top option to make letter ordered by mean values
2.0: Support options of mean comparison methods, different plot type
1.01: Fix bug of asterisks displaying problem when p = 0 or p = 0.01

Reviews and Comments:
11/30/2020dgstrawnPlease advise what mean seperation test is used to determine difference (tkey Scheffe, ect.)

11/17/2020Hongxia Zhang 

Significant labelling changes when we take two groups as compare to posthoc test run on each group individually

07/14/2020OriginLabHi srivas42,
We don’t have plan to support more than two groups at the moment. More groups will make the graph complicated and generally speaking, two groups should meet the needs of most cases.

07/09/2020srivas42Is there a way to select more than two groups?

05/15/2020hamidgh1368it is best

03/31/2020granzhan18Does the job.


03/23/2020OriginLabHi origintest123abc,

We have upgraded this app to fix a bug in the older version 2019b, so I will suggest you to upgrade your Origin to Origin 2020.


03/22/2020origintest123abcCloud you please provide a download link to version for Origin 2019b.
Thank you.