1.50 FAQ-167 Can I save my formatting for merged graph windows?

Last Update: 11/13/2018

The Graph: Merge Graph Windows menu lets you combine multiple graphs into one new graph. In the dialog that opens, you select the graph windows you want to merge. This dialog has a preview of what the new graph will look like.

If you always merge the open graph windows in the active folder, it would save you time if you didn't have to open the dialog to specify which graphs to merge. This dialog, like other Origin dialogs, lets you save dialog settings, creating a theme, which then automatically creates a new flyout menu for you. The next time you wish to merge graphs, it will then save you time, if you select your theme from the menu.

Let's say that you want to create a theme that will produce a new 2x2 panel graph from your 4 individual graphs, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Graph: Merge Graph Windows.
  2. Click on the triangle button Expand button.png at the top of the Graphs box, select All in Active Folder (Open).
  3. Expand the Arrange Settings branch and set the Number of Rows and the Number of Columns each to 2.
  4. Make any adjustments to Spacing, etc..
  5. Click the arrow button at the top of the dialog and to the right of the Dialog Theme box. Choose Save As... and enter a Theme Name of 2x2.
  6. Click OK to perform the merge now or Cancel if you don't want to do a merge at this time.

At a later time, the next time you need to create a 2x2 arrangement, you will simply select Graph: Merge Graph Windows: 2x2. The dialog will not open, the settings in your theme will be used, and all open graphs in the active folder will be merged, creating a new graph window.

Keywords:merging, theme, format