1.43 FAQ-159 How can I add a prime or double prime symbol in text labels?

Last Update: 7/1/2022

Sometimes you may want to add a prime or double prime to your text label. Taking the prime symbol as an example, in order to do that:

  1. Double click on the text label to enter in-place edit mode.
  2. Make sure superscript is turned on. i.e. In the Format toolbar, either the Button Superscript.png button or the Button SuperSubscript.png button is pressed.
  3. Press Ctrl + ' or Ctrl + P.

Add Full Height Prime.png


  • While in in-place edit mode, right-click and choose Insert: Symbol Map. Click the Math tab and insert a "prime" symbol (top row, positions #2, #3 and #4).
  • You can use escape sequence (\+(\y('))) in the Object Properties dialog. Note that this works also for Rich Text in worksheet. You may refer to the following table for more details:
Symbol Example Preview Keyboard Access
(PC US English Keyboard)
Escape Sequence
Prime Prime Symbol Preview.png

Ctrl + '


Ctrl + P

(When Superscript is turned on)

Single Quote Mark Single Quote Mark Preview.png


Double Prime Double Prime Symbol Preview.png

Ctrl + Shift + '


Ctrl + Shift + P

(When Superscript is turned on)

Double Quote Mark Double Quote Mark Preview.png

Shift + '


The offset from the prime (or double prime) to the base is controlled by the system variable @TAPP, to adjust the prime height change @TAPP (default 130) to a value between -1000 to 1000 and refresh to see the effect.

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Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0