1.106 FAQ-638 How to create an inset graph?

Last Update: 1/8/2019

Click Add Inset Graph or Add Inset with Data button on the Graph toolbar. Then use Scale In tool to show different range of data.

Inset zoom.gif

Another way (with more steps) of doing this is to select Insert: New Layer(Axes): Bottom-X Left-Y to add a second layer. Select the new layer and resize it, place it where you want inside the first one, and make the changes you need in the plotted Y-X range and so on.

By default inset graph doesn't block plots in original graph. If you want to block original plots so they don't see through, choose Format: Page... menu. On Layers tab, check Draw layer by layer radio button in Drawing order group. In older versions, this control is on Miscellaneous tab.

Keywords:Inset Graph, see through, overlap, layer