1.219 FAQ-966 How to prevent the axis rescaling for 2D graphs?

Last Update: 9/19/2018

To disable automatic scaling in the X or Y dimension:

  1. Double-click on the graph axis to open the Axis dialog box.
  2. On the Scale tab, set your desired From and To scale values and set the Rescale mode to Fixed.

At this point, clicking the Rescale button Rescale button.png will pop up a warning to let you decide whether override the previously-fixed rescaling mode. Click No button to not reset the manually rescaled axis to a previous range and any data plot that is added or removed from the layer will not force an automatic rescaling.

You can continue manually rescaling axis using the Scale In tool. Each time you use the Scale In tool, you set new From and To values and these become the new "baseline" values for the Rescale button Rescale button.png. Each Scale In operation will be recorded and you can restore the previous axis scale range by clicking the Scale Out button once. And, you can return to the initial From and To scale range by clicking the Scale Out button multiple times and "backing out" of the Scale In operations.

To prevent all rescaling of the X or Y axis (even when using the Scale In tool)

Beginning with Origin 9.1, you can set the @nrm system variable to lock a fixed scale range even when using the Scale In tool. When @nrm = 0 (default), scaling will behave as described above. When @nrm=1, using the Scale In tool to manually rescale the axis doesn't work.

Note: For more information on graph axis rescaling, see Controlling the Graph Axis Display Range.

There is also an Axis Rescale Plus toolbar available on the OriginLab File Exchange that allows you to rescale the X or Y axes by clicking a button. Interested users can download the free tool from this page.

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