1.8 FAQ-118 How do I add two axis breaks in one graph?

Last Update: 3/19/2020

In an Origin graph, you can add one or more axis break(s) from the Break tab in the Axes dialog.

For example, to add two axis breaks in a graph:

  1. Double-click on the axis in the graph to open the Axis dialog, then go to the Breaks tab.
  2. Select 2 in the Number of Breaks drop-down list. And then you can specify other options for the breaks.
  3. For further customization like scale after/before break, click the Details button to open the Breaks Details dialog. Note that you can also select the axis break and use the available Mini Toolbar buttons to customize the break.
MT Customize Axis Breaks.png

Note: On one single axis, the maximum number of the added breaks is 7.

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Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0