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Send selected Origin graphs to Microsoft Word.

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Download the file Send Graphs to Word.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.


  1. Click the Send Graphs to Word icon to open dialog.
  2. Select graphs to be sent.
  3. Select whether to insert graphs as pictures (EMF) or embedded objects.
  4. Check the Add Metadata to Alt. Text to save information about the origin source of the graph.
  5. Check Send to Opened Word Document then graphs would be send to the selected opened document which is not created by Word object model.
    Note: this options is available only if there is at least one Word document opened before launching this app.
  6. Optional: Select a Word file to receive the Origin graphs.
  7. Optional: Specify a path to save the final document.
  8. Optional: Check the Match Bookmarks check box to place graph at specific bookmark positions in the Word file.
    Note that bookmark names should match the graph short name.
  9. Click OK button to send.


  1. Layout graphs can only be sent as pictures.
  2. To work with LabTalk, invoke the X-Function named send_to_word.
    When sending to an opened Word document, you should specify the document by name. For example, send_to_word input:="Document2"
  3. If this app returns messages about Automation error, you may re-register the Office Word with -r switch as Administrator and/or restart the computer.
    Please refer to Command-line switches for Microsoft Office products for more details.


v 1.06 Bug fix
v 1.05 Localization
v 1.04 Attach to an opened Word document.

v 1.03:
(Option) Add metadata to Alt. text
(Option) Keep page size at 100%

v 1.01 Labtalk script access added to open X-Function: "send_to_word -d"

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04/26/2023selmamsaouraI need this application

03/27/2023OriginLabHi Op, could you please send us more details so we can help figure out what went wrong? You can contact us via ticket:

OriginLab Technical Support

03/25/2023Opnotb working interfering with macros

11/15/2022 ,

You are using the trial version of Origin, right? The trial version of Origin displays watermarks on all graphs, including those that are exported and copied.
Please refer to this help page:

09/07/2022moun.asliemI want my support when I send to WordPress the watermark appears