1.253 FAQ-1046 How to add connect line for 2D and 3D XYY bars?

Last Update: 3/16/2020

In an Origin graph, you can add connet lins for the 2D and 3D XYY bars from Display tab in Plot Details dialog.

You can:

  1. Double-click on the Bar/ Column plot in the graph to open the Plot Details dialog.
  2. Go to the Display tab, and check Connect Line option in the . Then Line tab will show in the Plot Details dialog.
  3. In the Line tab. you can customize the style of the connect line.

Line connects all bars in the Grouped chart

By default, the connect line is connected within subset in 2D Grouped Bat chart.
If you want to set the line to connet all bars in the plot, you can uncheck the Connect with Subset option in the Line tab of Plot Details dialog.

Keywords:bar, column, connect line, line, connect within subset