1.79 FAQ-209 How do I plot multiple columns from different worksheets?

Last Update: 1/17/2018

You can easily create a graph with multiple plots from different worksheets, utilizing the Plot Setup dialog. Your XY data can be located in any worksheet, but the X column and Y column must be in the same worksheet.

Plot Data from Different Worksheets

  1. Make sure no cell or column is selected in active worksheet.
  2. Click Plot Type.
  3. Plot Setup dialog opens. There are 3 panels: Upper, Middle, and Lower. If your Plot Setup doesn't show three panels, click the blue Double-Upper-Arrow buttons to show the upper panel.
  4. On Top panel, choose Worksheets in Folder, etc. so you can see more worksheets. Highlight the worksheets you want to plot.
  5. On Middle panel, set which column will be plotted as X and Y. Such XY columns in all highlighted worksheets will be plotted.
  6. Click Add button to add selected columns to bottom panel.
  7. Continue the process if needed. Click OK at the end.
    Plot data from multi sheets.gif

Add Data from Other Worksheets to Existing Graph

There are different ways:

  1. Drag and drop data from other sheets to existing graph.
  2. Use Layer Contents dialog. Double click layer icon in upper left corner of the graph to open the dialog. Select data from left panel and move it to right panel.
  3. Use Plot Setup dialog. Right click layer icon in upper left corner of the graph and choose Plot Setup context menu. Select other worksheets on top panel. Select X and Y in middle panel and add it to bottom panel.

Please view this tutorial: Graphing Data from Multiple Sheets

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