1.280 FAQ-1146 Origin always inserts MathType object to graph even though I select AxMath when using Insert Object button. What should I do?

Last Update: 8/16/2022

When you have both MathType 7.x and AxMath installed on the same computer, you will find the "insert OLE object" tool in other application such as Origin or Word is hijacked by MathType. For example, if you use Insert Object toolbar button Button insert object.png in Origin to insert OLE object to a graph window, and you select AxMath in the Insert Object dialog, Origin always inserts MathType object.

The problem is caused by MathType 7 and later version set the AutoConvertTo key in register during its installing.

To fix this problem,

  1. Choose Windows Start button. In the Run text box, type:

    to open Registry Editor.

  2. In the Registry Editor, browse to AxMath's key,

    Under it there is a key AutoConvertTo. You will find its value has been set to MathType.

  3. Delete the AutoConvertTo key and try to insert object again. The hijack problem should be gone

Keywords:Microsoft, AutoConvertTo, OLE, Insert Object, MathType, AxMath