1.292 FAQ-1175 Why the Chinese Y axis title can not be set as bold?

Last Update: 1/28/2024

In Origin, following font types can not be shown as bolded if the labels rotate 90 or 270 degree. If your Y axis title is set as the font, it can not be shown as bolded.

  • Simsun (宋体)
  • NSimsun (新宋体)
  • FangSong (仿宋)
  • SimHei(黑体)
  • KaiTi(楷体)

If you meet the problem, we have following suggestions

Method 1: Change the Font Type

Following font types supports bold for vertical labels

  • Microsoft YaHei (微软雅黑)
  • Deng Xian (等线)

Method 2: Change the Label Rotate Angle

We can set the rotate angle of the label to be 89 to work around the problem

  • Right click on the label and choose Properties from the context menu, set Rotate to be 89
TL 89 Rotation.png

Keywords:axes title, bold, Chinese font, rotate, rotation