1.298 FAQ-1191 How to get graph auto updated when adding or deleting columns?

Last Update: 11/29/2023

If you plot the whole worksheet data (by clicking on the top-left corner cell or highlighting all columns), you can set the following to get graph auto updated when adding, inserting or deleting columns in the source worksheet:

  1. Activate the graph window you want to set.
  2. Select menu Window: Script Window.
  3. In the Script Window, enter following script and press Enter key to run:
    layer.groupn.allCols = 1
    where n is the nth plot group in the active graph layer.

Some limitations you should know...

  • This method requires the plot group comprised of one single X column and all Y columns to the right of that X column. Other cases like XYXY... structure, are not supported.
  • If you delete many Y columns so there is only one Y column left, the plot is ungrouped automatically. When you add new columns later, the graph will auto update but the group settings (color list, shape increment, etc.) are lost.

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