2.40 FAQ-476 Can I control what header rows to display in a worksheet?

Last Update: 2/1/2018

Right-click workbook window title bar or the gray area to the right of all columns, and select View from the context menu. You can then choose what rows to view, such as Long Name, units, etc.

View column labels.png

Alternatively, select Format: Worksheet ( or press F4 ) to open the Worksheet Properties. Click the Edit Column Label Rows button (View tab). Use the Column Label Rows dialog box to choose which header rows to display or to re-order their display by dragging the empty cell to the left of the Labels. Note that you can also add or delete User-defined Parameters label rows from this dialog box.

There are also context menu when you right click any row in Origin to

  • Clear, hide, clear and hide a column label row.
  • Rename a column label row with a more meaningful name. It will change the row into a user-defined parameter row.
  • Set the row as Long name, units, append to comments, etc.
Clear hide.png

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