2.122 FAQ-1101 How to set a row as the beginning of my data?

Last Update: 10/21/2021

Origin 2020b and earlier

  1. Select the worksheet row.
  2. Right-click and choose Set as Begin from the context menu.

Cells above the selected row are cleared but the rows are not deleted.

Origin 2021, 2021b

In Origin 2021 and 2021b, Set as Begin is hidden from the context menu when you right click on a row.

If you want to set a row as the beginning of your data, please use the Clear Rows Before button on the Mini Toolbar when you select a row:

Clear Row Before.png

If you still want to Set as Begin from the context menu, set @SAB=1 to bring back the menu.

To set @SAB = 1

  1. Select Preferences: System Variables from menu
  2. In the Set System Variables dialog, enter SAB in Variable and set its Value to 1

Refer to system variable list for details of @SAB.

Origin 2022 and later

In Origin 2022, the Clear Rows Before Mini Toolbar button becomes the Delete Rows Before button. In deleting worksheet rows, the selected row is moved to the top of the worksheet.

FAQ1101 2022 delete rows.png

Note that the above "tip" for restoring the Set As Begin context menu command (with system variable @SAB) also applies to the newest versions of the software.

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