2.125 FAQ-1110 What should I do if Origin crashes when pasting link from Excel?

Last Update: 7/29/2022

When copying data from an Excel file and pasting it as link into an Origin worksheet (right-click on a cell and select Paste Link), if you find Origin freezing, your Excel file path may reach the Microsoft limitation that makes Paste Link have this issue in Origin.

To get around this issue,

Please shorten the full path of the Excel file. You can:

  • Copy the Excel file to a location with shorter path, OR,
  • Rename the Excel file and sheet with a shorter name.

The key is to ensure the combination of the file path, file name, and sheet name is fewer than 250 characters.


Copying data from Excel and then Pasting it into an Origin worksheet directly might also have a similar issue with file path being too long. This is something out of Origin’s control, as Excel might use its internal mechanisms to get the data from the file directly instead of putting a large amount of data on the clipboard.

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