2.37 FAQ-473 What formatting capabilities are available for the worksheet?

Last Update: 2/1/2018

  • Rich Text Formatting (RTF): Worksheets support rich text formatting.
  • Use the Style and Format toolbar buttons to change font color, background cell fill color, font size, text alignment, bold, border line etc.
  • Use the Merge Cells button to merge worksheet cells. Value/Text in most upper-left corner cell will be displayed.
  • Use Dynamic Merge on Format tab of Worksheet Properties dialog to make adjacent cells with same value/text merged.
  • The Format Cells dialog box can be used to format a selected range of data. Right-click on the selected range and choose Format Cells from the context menu. In this dialog you can specify such things as Rich Text, Wrap Text, Disable Editing, etc.
  • Resize row height and column width.
  • Add gap above worksheet.
  • Show and Hide column/row header, column label rows and add user-defined column label rows.
  • Set worksheet to use Spreadsheet cell notation so simple column formula and cell formula notation can be used. E.g. A-B means column A minus column B; =total(A1:A10) set a cell value to be sum of cells from A1 to A10.

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