2.67 FAQ-783 Can I select and hide worksheet columns by label or index?

Last Update: 3/10/2017

You can select (and optionally hide) columns in the active worksheet by column label or by column index:

  1. Click Edit: Select to open a dialog box in which you can specify:
    • Selection mode.
    • Selection string and condition if selecting by label, or columns to select and skip from starting column, if selecting by index.
    Select columns dialog.png
  2. Click the Test - Select if True button to select the columns that meet your selection criteria.
  3. Optionally, you can Hide the selected columns. To "unhide" the columns, select Edit: Undo or select the entire worksheet, then right-click and choose Hide/Unhide Columns: Unhide.

Keywords:label rows, worksheet, data selection, skip, hide, unhide