2.75 FAQ-823 My German version Origin cannot show AM/PM time format, what can I do?

Last Update: 5/10/2016

When you customize column date format to display AM/PM in Eigenschaften Worksheet dialog in German version Origin:


where tt stands for AM/PM notation, you may not be able to see the AM/PM notation on the final output.

To solve it, you can click on the Windows desktop date and time section on the right bottom on your operation system and in the pop-up interface click Datum- und Uhrzeiteinstellungen andern button. In the appeared Datum und Uhrzeit dialog, further click on the Datum und Uhrzeit andern button and continue to click the Kalendereinstellungen andern button. Go to Uhrzeit tab, make sure Symbol fur Vormittag: is selected as AM and Symbol fur Nachmittag: is PM. Click OK button to apply the settings.


After that, you will be able to see the AM/PM suffix in date column.

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