2.19 FAQ-433 How to Paste Excel or Plain Text Data into an Origin Worksheet and Set Column Labels

Last Update: 4/9/2021

To effectively copy and paste data from Excel or a plain text file into Origin, first copy in Excel or the plain text file, then select the first row of the first column you want to paste to in the relevant Origin worksheet and then paste there (do not click on the column header and then paste). If headers have been copied from Excel or the plain text file along with data, the headers will also be in the data section of the Origin column. But there is an easy solution to promote the headers up into the proper label rows:

  1. Select the entire data row containing a given header by clicking on the row header.
  2. Right-click in the row header and select one of the Set As <label row> or Append to <label row> options in the context menu.

When this is performed, all data within the selected row will be moved up to the respective label row in the Origin worksheet.

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Note: When importing Excel data (Data: Connect to File: Excel or Data: Import from File:Excel you can specify how to handle column labels on import.

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