2.119 FAQ-1067 How can I paste strings into Origin and not have it split strings across columns?

Last Update: 9/7/2020

If you copy a space-separated string from one Origin worksheet cell to another, the entire string is pasted to the destination cell without breaking across columns. However, if you paste strings that were copied to the Clipboard, you'll likely see that the string is broken up and pasted across multiple columns (one word or token per column/cell).

FAQ1067 Clipboard to Origin.png

This FAQ will show you how to prevent that.

Origin 2021 and Later

  1. When pasting to Origin, click on the target worksheet cell, then right-click and choose Paste (keep spaces).
FAQ1067 Clipboard to Origin Keep Spaces.png

If you have previously set LabTalk system variable @PST = 1, the Paste (keep spaces) menu item will be hidden. In this case, a simple Paste should work.

Origin 2020b and Earlier

  1. Set LabTalk system variable @PST = 1 before copying and pasting your data into Origin.
  2. For information on changing the value of a LabTalk system variable, see FAQ-708: How do I permanently change the value of a system variable?

Keywords:copy-paste, cell, text, Clipboard, token, tab-separated, separation, combine, Paste (keep spaces), @PST