2.27 FAQ-460 How do I convert a worksheet with matrix style data to Matrix or X Y Z?

Last Update: 1/31/2018

When converting your worksheet data directly into a matrix, if your X and/or Y data is not evenly spaced the Worksheet: Convert to Matrix: Direct menu operation may fail if the fluctuation in your X, Y steps is beyond a set tolerance value.

You will then need to first use the Worksheet: Convert to XYZ menu. You will get a new sheet with three columns: X Y Z. You can then convert the XYZ data to a matrix using Worksheet: Convert to Matrix: XYZ Gridding.... The process of gridding creates new, interpolated data on a uniformly spaced X and Y grid.


  • You can avoid interpolating the data and select the Z column and create a contour plot directly from the XYZ data without having to grid the data to a matrix.
  • Since Virtual Matrix was introduced in Origin 8.5, there is less need to convert data to matrix. You can directly plot 3D and Contour plot from matrix style data in workbook even if X steps or Y steps are not even.
    Virtual Matrix.gif

Keywords:random, unequal, spaced, nonlinear, step, gridding, uniform, tolerance, virtual matrix