2.123 FAQ-1106 How to merge multiple NetCDF files into one?

Last Update: 3/27/2022


  • This merging Python codes can only work for NetCDF files with time, longitude and latitude information.
  • It just supports to merge the *.nc file. If the file name extension is .nc4, please change it to .nc before merging.

  1. Select Connectivity: Python Packages... in the menu.
    Merge NetCDF files 01.png
  2. In the Python Packages dialog, click on the Install button to open the Install Packages dialog.
    Merge NetCDF files 02.png
  3. In the Install Packages dialog, enter the following script. Click OK, and then the packages will be installed.
    netcdf4 dask[complete] xarray
    Merge NetCDF files 03.png
  4. After the Python Packages are installed, click on Button Code Builder.png button to open Code Builder. Drag and drop the concatenate.py file into Code Builder, and then click F5 key.
    Merge NetCDF files 04.png
    • In the pop-up Select input folder dialog, specify the folder with merged NetCDF files and click Select Folder button.
      Merge NetCDF files 05.png
    • In the pop-up Select output folder dialog, specify output folder path and enter the new name for the merging file, then click Save button.
      Merge NetCDF files 06.png

    When merging success, it will show Done!!! information in the the Script Window. And you can find the new file in the specified output folder.