FAQ-970 What do I do if there is an error while importing an SPC file?

Last Update: 8/24/2018

If you try to import an SPC file into Origin and get an error similar to:

Error: File "C:\some\folder\MyFile.spc" cannot be opened!

Then most likely the issue is that a certain DLL Origin uses for SPC import was not properly registered during Origin installation or it has become unregistered for an unknown reason.

Simply run Origin one time as Administrator by right-clicking on the Origin application icon and choosing Run as Administrator or More>Run as Administrator. (You may have to restart Windows afterwards but probably not.)

If that does not fix the issue, it may be the case that your SPC file is not, in fact, a Thermo-Galactic SPC file. Another instrument manufacturer uses .SPC for its file extension even though the files are not actually Thermo-Galactic SPC files. Origin cannot import those files.

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