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Voronoi diagram.

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This App lets you create a 2D or 3D Vorinoi diagram from XY data or XYZ data.
For 2D Voronoi diagram, it outputs the area of each region; for 3D, volume.


Download the file Voronoi Diagram.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.


  1. Select XY/XYZ data in worksheet or active XY/XYZ data plot in graph.
  2. Click the Voronoi Diagram app icon.
    For 2D voronoi diagram, you can specify a simple polygon as boundary by selecting 2 columns as XY.
  3. Click OK.

    If started from worksheet, the app will create a Voronoi diagram automatically along with the input data as scatters. If started from graph, the graph will be updated accordingly.

    The region Area/Volume is missing value if the region is infinite. To show the area/volume of a particular site in data info window, you can refer to the Region Area/Volume column. See Data Info Tool for details.

    Region ID indicates the XY region for a particular site. To fill color to the regions, you can set the Fill Color by index of this column. Please refer to The (Plot Details) Pattern Tab for details.


NOTE: This App uses the Qhull library. A copyright notice is included in the package.


v3.10 Update DLL dependencies.
v3: 2D voronoi diagram with custom boundary.
v2: 3D voronoi diagram bug fix.

Reviews and Comments:
09/28/2023ocbrightCan i use the Voronoi plot to count the number of sides for each voronoi cells?. and also colour code each cells to the number of side?.

08/24/2023OriginLabHi PENGFEI2, we already support to output the region area. Please check the description above.

OriginLab Technical Support

08/23/2023PENGFEI2Is there another function that could be added, i.e. giving the number of each area and its area value? Thanks so much.

06/28/2022PENGFEI2Implementing custom boundary functions is also highly encouraged.

06/28/2022PENGFEI2It is recommended to add the function that different areas can be filled with different colors.
Example can be seen:

04/30/2018lsiThanks for accepting our request!