6.40 FAQ-670 When I start Origin on a client machine and enter the correct FLEXlm server HostName, the information is not accepted and the License Information dialog box re-opens. How do I fix this problem?

Last Update: 9/21/2022

  1. Make sure the Origin FLEXlm license service is running properly. To do this:
    • If you are the System Administrator:
    a. On the FLEXlm license service computer, run LMTOOLS.
    b. On the Server Status tab, click Perform Status Enquiry.
    You should see license server, vendor daemon, and usage output indicating success. If not, check the license manager debug log file to get clues about how to resolve the problem, or contact your Origin technical support representative with the debug log file attached.
    • If you are the end user, please contact your System Administrator to verify the Origin FLEXlm license service is running properly.
  2. Make sure the computer that the Origin software is installed on has a connection to the FLEXlm server computer. To do this:
    Execute another command that uses TCP, such as ping, from the client to the server.
    For example, if the IP address of the license server machine "myserver" is, open a DOS command prompt on the client machine and issue the command: ping or ping myserver
    If ping fails, here are some possible causes and solutions:
    a). DNS resolution issue
    If you tried connecting using the server name and it does not work for you, please change to use its IP address.
    b). Firewall
    Check with your network System Administrator and find out if there is a firewall between the network member's computer and the FLEXlm license service computer. If there is a firewall, you need to ask your Systems Administrator to open a port in the firewall. Please see here for the details.
    c). Slow or unstable network connection
    Please see here for the details.
  3. If the problem persists, you should check if another software has FLEXlm management on the same computer that you are running the Origin on, and if that other software has created an LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. To check for the presence of this environment variable, open Control Panel | System | Change Settings on the client's computer. Select the Advanced tab and then click the Environment Variables button. Check if there is an LM_LICENSE_FILE variable listed. If yes, then you should apply an Origin path to resolve the problem.

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