6.26 FAQ-29 What is a Registration ID and how do I get one?

Last Update: 11/30/2022

A Registration Code is not the same as the Registration ID.

  • The Registration Code registers your Serial Number to your OriginLab account
  • The Registration ID registers your Origin installation to your OriginLab account

What is a Registration ID?

A Registration ID or RegID, is a nine-character (XXX-XXX-XXX) string that links your OriginLab account to your installation of Origin. Registration of your installation is not mandatory, but it helps the Support team with providing fuller support. A Registration ID is required to run Help:Check for Updates. It is also required to download Apps from the App Center and Templates from the Template Center. Registration occurs automatically during the Node-Locked licensing process. However, for packages with Dongle or Concurrent Network (xxxxx-xxxx-79xxxxx) license management, registration is separate from licensing.

How do I get a Registration ID?

To register your installation, please:

  1. Go to the Origin software and select menu Help:Register on-line to open the Registration dialog.
  2. Select the Click here to Register on-line and receive your Registration ID button.
  3. Your web browser will open to the OriginLab website. Log-in or create an account.
  4. A Registration ID will be created for you. Copy this ID and paste it back into Origin

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