6.69 FAQ-915 Why do I see "license daemon: system error code: No such file or directory" error when starting the FLEXlm license server on Linux?

Last Update: 1/14/2018

If you fail to start the Origin license server in a Linux OS and get the following error message in the lmgrd log file

(lmgrd) license daemon: system error code: No such file or directory

Or get the following information in the lmstat output

Vendor daemon status (on server_name):
orglab: The desired vendor daemon is down (-97,121)

It is because the lmgrd daemon could not find the orglab daemon. To resolve this problem

  1. Stop the FLEXLm service if already started.
  2. Edit the license file to make the following change
    VENDOR orglab <full path to orglab daemon binary>

    For example,

    VENDOR orglab /opt/OriginLicenseServer
  3. Restart FLEXlm service

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