6.100 FAQ-1139 I get a "File not found, orglab.exe" error when start the FLEXnet server. What should I do?

Last Update: 9/20/2022

If you fail to start the license server, and get the following error in the log file:

9:42:08 (lmgrd) License server manager (lmgrd) startup failed:
9:42:08 (lmgrd) File not found, orglab.exe

Please check if you have orglab.exe file in the same folder of lmgrd.exe. You can find the path to lmgrd.exe on Config Services tab of LMTools.

if not,

  1. Please download orglab.exe here.
  2. Extract the file and put orglab.exe to lmgrd.exe folder.
  3. Restart FLEXnet server.

if you did have orglab.exe but the flexlm server could not find it

  1. Please open your Origin license file with a text editor.
  2. Add the path to orglab.exe file on the 2nd line, so your license file reads like:
    VENDOR orglab "C:\OriginLicenseServer\Servers\orglab.exe"
  3. Restart FLEXnet server.

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