6.17 FAQ-19 What should I do when I see "System Folder Build Failed", "X-Function failed to execute", or cannot save project?

Last Update: 2/17/2021

If you see following issues:

  • System Folder Build Failed error messages, or
  • X-Function failed to execute error messages, or
  • Cannot save project,

please try following:

  1. Choose Window: Script Window from Origin menu
  2. Enter script below in the Script Window and press Enter to delete OCTemp folder so OriginC will use all new source files
    del -occlean
  3. Run script below in the the Script Window to clear the User Folder path value in registry and then you can reset User Files folder the next time Origin starts.
    del –path
  4. Close Origin.
  5. Restart Origin. Specify an empty new folder as User Files Folder

You can use Preferences: Transfer User Files... to transfer customized files from the previous User Files Folder. Refer to this page for details.

If above solution fails to resolve the issue, please try to Repair Origin. That is,

  1. Click on the Origin "Add or Remove Files" icon in your Windows' Apps or program list.
  2. Choose Repair. Make sure that you allow the Setup program to run to completion. Then re-launch Origin and see if your problem is resolved.

If above solution fails to resolve the issue, please try to uninstall your current Origin and re-install it again. Make sure you have specified a new folder as User Files Folder during re-installation.

If all solutions fail to resolve the problem, please contact OriginLab Technical Support.

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