6.83 FAQ-1099 Can I install Origin on M-X (M1, M2, etc.) MacBook?

Last Update: 2/19/2024

Yes, you can install and run Origin on a Mac with an Apple M-X chip (M1, M2, etc.)

  • You will need to use Apple chip-compatible virtual machine software to run Origin on a Mac. We recommend Parallels Desktop.
  • Furthermore, because Origin is Windows-based, you must install Windows in the virtual machine.
  • Because the M1/M2/M3 chip is ARM-based, you must install the Windows 11 on ARM.

If, after the above guidance is followed, Origin still CRASHES on start up or during working, or behaves abnormally like acts very slowly, right click doesn't work etc., Refer to this page to fix the problem.

Coherence mode in Parallels desktop may introduce unexpected problems of Origin, if you feel Origin is not stable, exit the Coherence mode and try again.

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