6.57 FAQ-851 I have registered Origin. How do I get my Product Key?

Last Update: 12/12/2021

Note: Only node-locked license type (serial number is xFxxx-6xxx-7xxxxxx) needs a product key to activate Origin.

if you have a single-user license
  1. Log into originlab.com.
  2. On the Welcome page, click Manage my License(s).
  3. Click on your Serial Number. Your Product Key(s) will be listed.
if you are the administrator of a group-user license

As the administrator you should be the first person to register the serial number and set up the product key deploy method (see this page). After registration, you can always cview all the product keys by the following:

  1. Click Manage My License(s) link under your portal
  2. Select the desired serial number link.
  3. Click you can see all product keys here link. You can then check the product key information on the web page that opens.
  4. Click Email me the template for notification button on the page. You can forward the email to users on your site to request Product Key.
if your organization purchase a group-user license and you have requested Product Key(s)
  1. Log into originlab.com.
  2. Click Manage My License(s)
  3. Click on your Serial Number. Product Key(s) you have retrieved will be listed.

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