2.108 FAQ-1013 Can I use a simple formula to do simple math on columns or curves?

Last Update: 9/10/2019

Since Origin 2020, the simple math tools, Simple Column Math and Simple Curve Math, supports to enter a formula to do the simple arithmetic operations with the input data and reference data.

To use a formula to do simple math on columns or curves

  1. With a column or a curve selected, select the menu Analysis: Mathmatices: Simple Curve Math/Simple Column Math to open the mathtool or vmathtool dialog.
  2. Select Custom for Operator and then select a column or curve for Reference Data.
  3. Enter a formula in the Formula box.
    Please note, currently LabTalk math functions haven't been supported in this formula box. And, for the mathtool tool, y1 means input data and y2 means the reference data; for the vmathtool tool, x1 means input data and x2 means the reference data.

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