2.129 FAQ-1144 How do I Autofill my rows or columns with data?

Last Update: 7/5/2022

Origin provides several ways to auto-populate columns and rows with data.

Cell formulas and column formulas can be set and then dragged to fill other cells.

You can use Edit: Edit Mode (Ctrl + Alt + B) to switch between numeric view and formula view in the worksheet.

Origin supports diagonal drag fill. Use the $ notation to fix either the column or row when drag filling. See the GIF below for formatting examples.


Origin supports double-clicking to autofill columns with the selected cell formulas.


Here is an example of auto-filling column formulas. You can use the $() notation to fix a constant. Double-click the bottom-right corner of the formula cell to automatically fill all cells to the right. Hold Ctrl while dragging or double-clicking to fill without incrementing.


You can also use the workbook and sheet reference syntax to combine data from other workbooks or sheets in cell formulas or column formulas. For the column formulas, $(j) is the column index of the current column.


You can also use the various data filling tools like Random Fill, Date/Time Fill, Set Column Values, and more.


See also: FAQ-499 How do I auto fill cells with data?

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